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The Huben womks well in the usual pellet gun regieme by all accounts. The crime by your lights is giving shooters more horsepower than they can use. Kind of like designing a car that can do 90 in a country with a national speed limit of 65. Maybe the power available isn’t about putting bullets into orbit, but making sure a boar at 40 feet notices that slug through its brain.

I look forward to having a Huben. The idea of practicing at low power with the same gun I would use at high power, hunting, is appealing. At 19 rounds in the cylinder, it is good for all day hunting, since of course, you never take shots you’re not sure of. (When’s the last time you brought home 19 in the bag?)

I work in R&D, and the price seems cheap for the state of the art. Have you looked at how the valve system works? A marvel!