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“RC-NL”First time I notice the black impact on the bottom is longer than the silver one. The black one must be a .25 or .30 cal?

To CAAirgunner:

Wish I was in the position to buy any of these fx airguns when I was 13! I’d get the wildcat in .22 cal To save some money you could keep your hill mk3 pump wich is a great pump (I’ve got the mk2 and the mk3 should be easier to pump) and just fill the wildcat to a lower pressure. Since it’s regulated and a .22 uses less air than a .25 you would still get a lot of shots per fill. It also has a relatively small air cylinder so that helps too when using a handpump.

Hope this helps


I think that’s a good idea. I’ll either buy the FX Wildcat .22 or the Airguntech Vulcan .25 I still have some time to decide while I save money. And, now about getting a gun like this at age thirteen: I’m not from a wealthy family, so I have to pay for it myself. The reason I can buy one of these guns is because my father and I have rights to commercially fish for salmon on the Klamath River in northern California. And since I help my father, he gives me a share of the money.