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You can return an airgun just because you wanted a different “plastic” and don’t care for the metal clips coating?   Odd business policy though I suppose with a 15% return or such.  No matter thanks for posting the pictures.  Quality looks about right and “I” think it’s good they put some ( seemed bare metal before ?)  surface coating on the clip.
Certainly not what “I” would call heirloom quality ( want to hand it down for generations)  but unless there is a defect in the stock material as the hunting airgun it is it seems okay.

Thanks for the pictures,  I mainly shoot field target but the groups look very good for rapid fire at that range indeed.
This has to be one of the more controversial airguns to come out in a while.

 Fun reading “The Importer”  ( singular ) here in the U.S.  saying “I don’t know where that rumor started”  , regarding the “Importer”  ( other US importer ) stated he was supplying some to the other “dealer”.  The , only importer, said he was going to call the , other, importer and get it all cleared up! HAHA.  With such as that going on with our importer/dealers  Internet posts are THE only source of information on this rifle for now, though one of the exclusive US Importer thinks (?) he will get a few shipped next week.