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Congrats on the new Eddie. A couple things about your new bully. First it will come shooting hot. They seem to be set pretty high from the factory. Mine shot the 18.1 at 960. I followed Ed’s advice and I shot the gun for about 500 rounds at the factory setting. The gun settled in at 930. I then adjusted the HST down to 900 FPS. That was the point where the regulator and HST were working harmoniously. That will be ¬†where the gun uses about 7-8 cubic CM of air for one Joule. The HST has a locking collar that is black. If it comes loose the HST will move and you’ll lose speed and your POI will change . Take the extra O ring for the probe that comes with the gun and put it behind the locking collar. This makes a great locking washer and the collar will not move.

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