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“AirgunBill”kmd1984 I wish I knew how to do the selective quoting you are doing to answer your points and questions.

Easy. Click the “quote” button. Instead of  replying underneath the quoted text, you just reply within, and then put the text in BOLD letters. : )

Some regulators with exterior adjusting screws are fairly easy to adjust but there are limits to the adjustable range.

I see. So it it different from gun to gun. 

Regulators found inside the rifles can be problematic to adjust properly. Usually regulator and or hammer spring size and tension must be match to a power range and also transfer port size. Some rifles will have adjustable transfer port sizes and other features to make them more power adjustable.

I understand. I was hoping that ALL guns allow you to easily change the regulator “pressure” (not sure if that is the right term?), but apparently not. How hard is it to adjust the power of a gun using the “other features”?

It sounds to me the FX Impact has quite a bit of power adjustment to the rifle.

I believe so. Only question is, what is the “range”, the power can be adjusted at? If I can adjust the power all the way down to get 700 hundred shot with one fill, and then up to 30 fpe, I should be fine. : )

Another thing to consider is pellets usually have a fps range where they are most accurate. Of course distance and fps you shoot at comes into play in the ability to maintain accuracy as you go further out with your targets. Its hard in the end to have a rifle that can do it all well.

I did not know that.

From continuing to read your posts a rifle in the lower power range with a power wheel available may be what you need. The FX Cyclone comes to mind again for an ideal plinker and light hunter. Its light weight, short size and power wheel for 14/24/32 fpe in .22 cas. matched to a hand pump to fill up its small 185cc air cylinder for about 30 shots per fill.

Let me look at that one again. I need to read about it a bit… but it looks nice.

Another thought for a rifle with more shots per fill, power wheel and also break down ability with a small case for travel is the FX Verminator.

Not the prettiest gun around, but I guess you cannot have it all. I will look further into it. 

When I mentioned to you to think about getting an cf air tank from Air Tanks Fro Sale did you notice the 18 cu ft Guppy. It is very small and while you get less  fills per tank it is very small and portable to travel with and carry around. Bill

FX Verminator broke down in carrying case

Not bad. I will take a closer look at the link and the rifle.

Thanks again for all the help!