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I’m a righty but your post made me curious so I just tried shouldering my Impact as a lefty and . . . 

It’s not that bad!  At first I thought that the large mag would get in the way but it turns out that it does not (for me).  Next, I thought the cocking lever on the right side would be cumbersome too – but it wasn’t.  The only thing that wasn’t great was the cheek rest – which is obviously on the other side.  However, good news there as well b/c (like most other things on the Impact) it’s modular and can be easily removed/replaced.  Someone with some skill can machine or otherwise make a cheek piece for the a lefty that would accommodate the mag and barrel thumbscrew.  Looks like the Impact could be a relatively easy conversion for lefties.

Edit: just played around some more and it’s actually shootable as-is without the need to replace the cheek piece . . .