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The message about Kalibrgun buying RAR was posted February 18th on TAG, so I suppose there was enough time between Marek’s response for something to have happened.  And it’s obvious that someone is communicating with Petr and that they have communicated with him fairly recently.

As I’ve noted previously, I’ve become less and less enamored with the airgun industry in general, so I’m not holding my breath.  Poor communication to their customers, and misinformation when they do, seem to be ubiquitous in the industry.  Yes, I think that it’s possible that Kalibrgun has purchased RAR and is building the VL-12.  And the fact that Kalibrgun has already posted pics and specs on the “Plast 2” Cricket indicates that at least one airgun manufacturer has finally realized that perhaps taking weight off of their bullpup designs might be a good idea.  But as you can see from RAR’s site, the VL-12 was selling in Russia for less than $600, so care to hypothesize what the price will be here if it does appear?  I am curious to see what emerges at IWA Friday but my curiosity is tempered by my perception that none of the manufacturers and retailers have much commitment to customer service or honesty.