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My results from chrono from 50yd shoot. I did some indoor chrono testing the night before and got roughly the same results within 10fps of each of those. I did run some patches between shoots also to try and make things evenly as possible. 

JSB kings 24.4gr avg=919.9
benji domes 27.8gr avg=891.2
H&N Cuda Hunters 27.47gr avg=898.9
JSB heavy mk1 33.95gr avg=819.6
JSB heavy mk2 33.95gr avg=824.4
H&N Cuda 31.02gr avg=859.6
H&N Grizzly 31.02gr avg=812.2
H&N Hunter extreme 28.4gr avg=894.8
Poly-mag 26gr avg=915.4

Most interesting deviation being the H&N grizzly 31gr. Clearly much slower than the H&N Barracuda of the same weight and the JSB heavies clocking a higher speed. But that pellet even though its slower is keeping more of its energy further out with its much higher BC.