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Oh I did try the Kryteck as a pellet lube- put a tiny bit in an empty pellet tin, the rolled around 20 or so pellets- dried with a paper towel- 
disastrous results – was like a shotgun! I think some got into the skirts causing erratic rotation –
Mike – I haven’t sorted or weighed any – just pull em out of the tin. But for fun I did weigh some to see if there was much deviation –
I was very surprised at the weight variance – from 15.2 to 16.5 grain!! 
So I guess weighing would be good for matches?
The rest is a one piece from Target Shooting Inc 
they do have the front section as a front rest,to use with rear bag – guess for international sanctioned events?
I must be tired – thought I posted to Mark about the WD-40 ?
but yes Mike Niksch has recommended it. 
But ive found that the barrel needs a more thorough solvent for cleaning –
I’m currently using Shooters Choice -Lead Out – with some success –
really need a stronger lead removing solvent though_–
‘but unfortunately anything capable of dissolving lead can also eat a chrome moly barrel —
also have tried soaking in Kroil to lift lead —
again so so results 
there are other solvents out there that will remove lead but — same issues with barrels —