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“Doogy” …..Banzaiiiiiiiiiiiii…..

Great performance my friend, just wonderful weapon and also a very good eyeAnd just for the record, what was the level of pressure for this group ?… pleaseCongratulations and continue to have fun with your new love

 Soon I will confront this rifle against my Bobcat mk2.22(But in France the maximum power is 20 joules, the bobcat is flanged mk2I wonder if he will do the same with the vulcan? otherwise I should take a shooting license to buy …. lollDoogy…

Thanks Doogy. I’m not sure what the pressure was when I shot this group but if I had to guess it would be somewhere between 250-230 bar. The gun is regulated so I don’t know how much of a difference that makes. Good luck putting it up against your Bobcat it will be interesting to see how it will do.
“That had to be a great feeling when that fifth shot landed near the other four. Excellent shooting. May there be many more of such groups!!”
Yes it was a good feeling thanks by the way. I hope there are more groups like it!
“Very nice I took out my vulcan to 100 yards and it was doing 1”-2” then I had this one group where all 4 pellets grouped under half inches center to center .19” and the fifth shot made it .94”.  I  posted a video up on here go check it out. Im glad that my vulcan has a twin brother out there.”
I’m glad to hear you gun is shooting good that would have been an awesome group if that fifth one didn’t get away from you. I’ll have to go and check your video out.