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“rockymtbiker”Thanks for the recommendation, Michael; I’ll check it out.  

Of course, I’m still waiting for that lightweight PCP on which to mount it (my .30 cal Condor SS only weighs 5.5 lbs w/the carbon fiber tank but I’m wanting a really lightweight .22).  I’m hoping the VL-12 magically materializes at Kalibrgun’s booth this Thursday. 🙂

The VL-12 is not made by Kalibrgun so I doubt it will be promoted at their booth. They didn’t sound like they had much confidence in the guy that makes them and if it was me, I wouldn’t put my brand name behind a product if I didn’t have 100% confidence that the manufacturer would deliver. 

I didn’t realize that the bug buster was so heavy. I have a few Leapers scopes and I find them all heavy. The glass is ok for the price range. I find mine to be good up to 50 yards. I am definitely ready for something better since upgrading my air rifle collection. I’m tempted by that Ultra RM.