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“zebra”I don’t know for certain on the weight savings yet. The test stocks I have been making have been too light to even register on my digital bathroom scales so I’ll have to weigh it with the action when I’m done or buy more sensative scales… When I hold a carbon fiber stock in one hand and the original Cricket stock in the other, the difference feels huge but that’s not hard because the original is very overspec’d for an air rifle stock. There is an inch or more of solid polymer in buttstock for no reason at all. I haven’t finished bedding the inletting piece yet and that can make a difference though. S

There is also the weight savings I will get from replacing some of the larger metal components with CF versions. My CF barrel bands, weaver rails and scope rings are all very light but I haven’t tested them yet. I am hoping to make it a 5lb platform when I’m done.

I have been looking at lightweight scopes too. That is the next largest weight saving after the stock. Most of the commonly used air rifle scopes weight between 17 and 24 ounces. Not much on their own but it all adds up. I have seen scopes that weigh as little as 8lb that would probably work for what I normally use my Cricket for. There is no point is asking for a lightweight stock and then weighing it down with a Sidewinder 30. I am curious to know if I could manage with a 3-9x50mm or a 2-7x32mm pistol scope to drop another pound. 


Sounds great, Zebra; again, looking forward to seeing what you’ve developed.  And 5 lbs sounds about right.  Great work.

I’m with you on scopes.  I’ve looked and looked for a lightweight variable to compliment a lightweight rifle.  I have a couple of the Bug Busters; they’re inexpensive and quite compact but still weigh 21 oz (the new SWAT model weighs even more).  Leapers is a great company (excellent customer service) but their scopes, like everyone else’s, are quite heavy. I think the Leupolds are lightweight but they’re expensive and I’m not a big fan of their reticle selections (I have a 40 year old Leupold on the .308 lightweight sniper rifle I built that has stood up well).  So far I haven’t found a truly lightweight variable scope so will be interested to see what you come up with.

Again, great work.