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“blackdiesel”This is from a guy on GTA.  The Sumatra Carbine is still more powerful than most 25 cals;topic=103151.0;attach=149783;image

Not sure what the regulated part of this picture was about, did he put a regulator in the Sumatra ? 900 fps at 33 grains is 59 fpe ….. I am starting to think the difference between the 16″ barrel and the 24″ barrel is starting to show….

I think he meant tethered.  The only regulators I’ve found for Sumatra are a couple of special builds on youtube. 

Not sure he was tethered because the fps was dropping. After looking at that shot string I can see that another consideration would be that on high power the fps starts dropping pretty consistent within 6 shots or so. The fpe would also be dropping ,which is were I think the extra power would come into play while shooting before refilling . Thanks for sharing that .