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I am certainly no expert, but the way I understand it, when the parallax is set correctly for the distance to target, with the gun held in a rest or otherwise stabilized so it won’t move, when you bob your head side to side and up and down the crosshairs don’t move off the target.(hope that made sense!) I’ve tried this with my Hawke Varmint scope and found that when I’ve got the parallax adjusted right the target is not in focus. What I finally did was to quit worrying about it! I just set the scope so the target’s in focus and blast away. Admittedly I don’t shoot Benchrest but I have shot a few Field target matches and done pretty well. If I recall that scope is on your springer and the variations in the way you hold it will probably induce more POI shift than the scope parallax setting. When hunting with my springer I usually set the focus for the most likely distance I’m liable to get a shot (usually 15 yards) and only tweak it if the shot is way closer or further away(assuming I have time to mess with my scope!)
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