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“guod123”I own and shoot the .25 rifle. It’s comparable in length to the Marauder, the Sumatra with it’s dual air tubes and longer barrel makes it more front heavy than a Marauder. If your looking to quiet it down, Neil Clagues addition was 1.5″ by almost 10″. At high power with a 25.39 or 27 grain the gun will still crack very loud. The 44 grain pellets travel sub sonic and are much quieter. My friend has the .22 carbine, it’s more manageable, he uses a lightweight leapers and shoots way more comfortably offhand. I’m sorry I can’t speak for the difference in power.

I am assuming the one you have is not the carbine ? Do you think going by your friends would you rather have had the carbine ? I have heard that the longer barrel on the non carbine is more powerful and quieter ? If I get one I will use heavy pellets and a Clague ldc..  Just trying to get advice on which one to buy , Its hard to decide when I am not close enough to pyramid air to just hold one . I have a bobcat .25 , but am stuck with one pellet and one speed with out modifying . I’ve read that out of the box the Sumatra is powerful and not pellet fussy , also you have a lot of power settings .