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I have to say that’s the down side of a Mrod. Its bad on air use. There hass been quit a few HDD’s (hammer de-bounce device) developed some more effective than others and work in different way. Most famous probably being the Bstaley method. Uses a couple of o-rings between the hammer and the valve body. has enough give to allow the hammer to stick valve pin but when hammer tries to bounce back into the valve, the o-rings prevent it from doing so. There are other HDDs that use a friction device to basically jam the hammer. SSG is the newest attempt to make them better. It uses a captive pre-loaded spring. Normally the spring is always pushing on the hammer and keeps it pushed against the valve pin when uncocked. SSG allows the hammer to free float between the spring and valve. It gets catapulted toward the valve, when it tries to bounce back the preloaded spring acts more like a wall than a spring at that point keeping the hammer from reopening the valve.