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Using a dive bottle for quick fill is the best and least physical way of charging PCP guns. Check a dive shop if one nearby, loads of data on the web if you input air bottles. Depending on size of gun reservoir and your useage may be adviseable to get a big one. Number of fills from say a 300 bar bottle with 12 litre capacity should give most fills. Pressure IMO more important than capacity. Get hold of free Chairgun Pro software from (Hawke) and within is data specs for fill variables. Yes air bottles are easily filled, from a compressor, you will need one capable of charging pressure needed to match bottle/ reservoir requirement. Bewary of dampness or moist air getting into gun reservoir. Most compressors or hand pumps have system to deal with that issue. The gun should have a fill probe with a short high pressure whip attached. The fittings on the non gun end will need correct connectors for your bottle. There is a learning curve whch is quite steep initially but most worthwhile in the end. Take things a step at a time. The other method is a hand pump which may or may not be practical depending on your physical stamina and proximity to bottle filling locations. A lot of pumping needed to fill a high pressure reservoir. Bigger the reservoir the more pumping. Once again  read adverts on the web sites from airgun shops they normally carry everything you need with probably good advice.
Unfortunately our hobby has extras which can add consderably to the initial cost.

See under Forum ,Air Tanks etc lots of info there.

safe shooting