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HI! My name is Dartagnan.  I use to own a Benjamin Marauder 22.  Therapy not only prevented me from shooting myself in the foot, but they convinced me to let go of the crosman 22 barrel and convert it to a Green Mountain 25 barrel.  It was difficult to let the 22 go since I spent countless hours tuning, sorting, re-tuning, re-sorting pellets that eventually ran out and the next tin of the same brand pellets would not group the same. Back to tuning, sorting…etc.  I, I just can’t go through that again.  After selling several dozen baby hamsters to raise enough money, converting to the Green Mountain 25 was totally day and night.   My buddy and I play ‘Battleship‘ shooting my MRod 25 side by side with my Wildcat 25.  Both were extremely accurate!  Now I need therapy to not tune and sort pellets every night and get more than 3hrs of sleep. LOL!  Good choice selecting the MRod 25 rather than the 22. Remember, we are here for you!