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 Hakwe is a good lower end scope if you can pick the right model, and, depending on your shooting discipline/style. I have a Hawke HD duplex 3-9 that has really outstanding glass. Had the first SR12 44mm that Nick Jenkins helped design just for airguns – along with the SR6 having a mil-dot/slash every 5 yards at airgun ranges-. Recommended a 3-12×50 mil-dot to a friend for an RWS54 ( after tuning ) and it has held up well for thousands of shots. When my SR-12 dies after 100 shots Hawke was very fast to warranty it and I then sold it NIB and the warranty transferred – not sure about warranty now but they do replace stuff fast.
 I know some very good BR folks that will use a Hawke scope ( pick the correct model and the class is good ) .
Field Target, now there is a clicking discipline ! Easy to need to adjust more than 200 clicks per ;ane in a match, include anywhere near enough practice and FT folks click more than ANY one else. I have heard a $1,000+ scope rep say “the reason you guys ever wear one out is you click SO much more than any other shooters”.
 Hunter class with no clicking ( naturally except to zero ) , maybe, you would see a Hawke scope, open WFTF clicking, really no one using anything made by Hawke. And keep in  mind FT is all elevation clicks not shooting box’s or such which likely would show even more failure to return to “zero” or repeat clicks.
 Looking for a clicking scope these days, Aeon in the $300/under range then you are going to have to jump to over $700 for repeatable clicks.

Never really checked any Hawke for MAX focus range as I didn’t used to shoot past 110 yards but a while back did finally clue into the fact many of our “airgun” scope hit infinity at a fairly short range, some as close as 70 yards some further, or you just cant tell, the Aeon ( 40 x anyway) WILL focus at 230+ yards at least enough for my tired eyes to be able distinctly  focus before, after and at 230 yards.

If you want to zero it and leave it some of the Hawke’s are very clear.

All that said, how far is it to the closest match to you?
Nearest airgunner?
THAT would really give you some solid information. Failing that, many of the better PB shops do stock some Hawke and many other airgun usable scopes, take a look which will only tell you class but maybe you’ll get lucky and run into a shop owner/employee who knows there stuff but isn’t too sales hungry.