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The tank is usually the biggest $$$ hurtle when getting started. I’d recommend keeping an eye on the classifieds for used tank. You might also consider a guppy tank. It’s a lot smaller and therefore less expensive but more refilling. It’s all a give and take no matter how you shake it. A hand pump is the least expensive way to get started and, if nothing else, will really motivate you to get a tank system ASAP (especially filling to 3000). 😀 If you can swing a tank setup right off the bat make sure you have a way to fill it already figured out. Staring at empty rifles and tanks is just poopy! Other than that, I’d say the same as everyone else…
Scope & mounts
Filling system
You can skip the bipod by using a rolled up jacket, sandbag, etc. If you go for a bipod then you might consider having your retailer install the stud or rail. If they mess it up it’s on them. Welcome to the dark side, you’re going to love it here!