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Zebra are you using a bore snake to clean your barrel? I usually don’t go to that extent to clean, but have to say, it’s super easy to remove and reinstall the barrel. As far as having to resight a scope, I’ve become pretty proficient at the process. Usually only need 3-4 shots if I’m on paper. I just accepted that any time I did any little thing to my Mrod I’d have to rezero.

Most of the groups I shot in that photo where with out adjusting the scope. Wasn’t super worried about being spot on because I’m not hunting with it yet. It’s just a loaner 3-9x I took from my .25 Mrod I plan on selling. The 3-12x that’s going on the cricket came with more flavors pellets right before I left to work today.

I really don’t regret my Mrods but trying to make it as good as a higher end gun money pit. It’s definitely a good intro to pcp and learning to tune them. Most I ever did for self mods was using my drill press to open up the gauge block and valve for more volume on the low pressure side of the regulator.

This is my first side lever gun, so
that’s good to know about the indexer. What type of lube are you using on the internals? There a special trick to engage the came with out rotating the mag off the detent a little?