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I find my Cricket to be very sensative to any tweaks that you make. Taking it out of the stock and putting it straight back causes a poi shift. I would advise that you set it up how you like it and then leave it. I can clean my barrel fairly easily without removing it too.

On the performance of the Benjamin domes, it could just be the way the scope was zeroed if you didn’t redo it for each pellet. It could just be that your Cricket works better with them too. People always say how each gun is different….

I feel the same about my Cricket. I wish I would have just skipped all of the cheaper ones I bought before and just got the one I wanted straight away. You always waste more money when you try and save it for some reason. 

Unless you are particularly skilled and have a well stocked machine shop, diy jobs are rarely as good as proffesionally made stuff. You often see people trying to sell their custom Marauders for $1000+ based on what they put into it. I often wonder if anyone actually buys them. For me the temptation with a day job comes from the outrageous prices people charge for air gun products vs identical products made for other markets.

You will get used to using the Cricket mag indexing system. Other than remembering to flick that switch when you reload, it operates much like any other side lever gun. The main issue is how delicate it is so being light-fingered when operating the lever is a good idea. It’s a $40 part to replace when out of warranty. I just got a new one in the mail from Kalibrgun. I’m tempted to make a mold of it so I can make more next time it breaks…

I found that lubricating the indexing components (a little) makes it feel much nicer. It even sounds nicer when I cock it, like precision equipment.