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I got started about 1 year ago with a marauder. It was a great gun. My biggest asset there is a paintball place near me and they fill my tank for 3 bucks and a lot of times free. I probably wouldn’t be able to afford my next step if I had to buy a compressor. I have moved up to a FX impact and sold the marauder. The versitility was important to me. I am not selling trucks but I am selling powder burners to feed my addiction. I love to squeeze a trigger and I can do it in my backyard with air. The ability to change bottles and have 2 extra bottles for 500 bucks over 800 dollars for a big tank that you can’t carry while hunting. More companies are coming out with the ability to change out your air supply.  I have a 90 cubic inch ninja bottle and I am considering selling it to buy another bottle for the impact. Mobility is very important the more I shoot. Having your own compressor doesnt solve the problem of mobility. More companies are coming out with guns that are more versitility. How you are going to get your air is huge. Having to buy a compressor and extra bottles would have been a deal breaker for me. I think right now is a great time to get into air guns. The technology has taken a huge leap in the last year and companies are listening to the consumer and giving them what they want. The government hasn’t regulated the power or noise suppression yet.