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I have operated the turrets of literally dozens of Sidewinder scopes and never come across a single one that would ALWAYS return to zero after turning both vertical and horizontal turrets; the design of the turrets and manufacturing standards simply aren’t up to it. Even Schmidt & Bender scopes costing thousands don’t always come back to zero. Hawkes Sidewinders are (like many brands) good budget airgun scopes, though I think that model type is overpriced. If you are determined to buy a Hawke then take a look at their scopes with slightly fewer “features” for less money; especially as last year’s models are being sold off cheap. All their scope models lenses will be good for airgun distances in any reasonable daylight.

Regarding the Sidewinder:

  • The “Tactical” turrets have no means of tracking which turn you’re on, a basic feature on most scopes.
  • For your longer ranges, you should consider whether you want such a scope that uses different angular systems for reticle and turrets.
  • They are Second Focal Plane, which isn’t necessarily the best for whatever you want.  

I suggest that you learn about scopes, about which this forum has a bunch of threads and links. There are more brands/manufacturers and type of scopes than those produced by Hawke.