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There is something to be said about issues like these. I agree with Chuck, first off when buying a 1k+ gun, you are expecting a level of quality. Why else would we spend so much on a gun if we were not looking for quality. But the thing is we don’t always get the quality that we paid for. What we get is a gun that may or may not have some issues that leave the buyer with unnecessary grief and frustration. We get the run around when we would like the issue resolved but in the long run it just sucks more and more money out of you. That’s not right in my book.

My .25 wildcat has a similar leak as well. So what should I do, send it back to AOA with money out of my pocket and be down a few weeks on a brand new gun. Or option 2 would be to do what Chuck did and get a set of Orings taht he should not have to pay for in my opinion. Here’s the thing how is he going to know where the leak is coming from. SO he needs to change them all out! More time that will be needed to disassemble and reassemble the gun. It’s simply ridiculous. I feel that when you spend 1k+, you should not have to deal with these issues. Am I asking for too much? I don’t think so.