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As I’ve posted previously, I have tried the Rabbit Mags in 3 guns:  A stock Hammerli Pneuma producing around 30 ft-lbs; an highly-modded .22 Marauder producing just shy of 60 ft-lbs; and an highly modded .22 Condor SS producing 65 ft-lbs.  All three shot patterns instead of groups.  On the cover of the tin H&N has a graphic listing the “precision” and “distance” potential of the pellet; distance is represented as 5 out of 5 (I’m inferring they’re saying that the pellet carries its momentum well which would be great for what you’re asking); but “precision” is graphically represented as a 3 out 5.  So even H&N admits they’re not going to be accurate relative to other pellets.  A real disappointment since the “bullet configuration” just screams long-range potential.

I found the Promethius Piledrivers (a boat tail slug design), while not match grade accuracy, did better.  The Marauder seemed to like them fairly well; they grouped just over 1/4″ at 25 yards.  So I would recommend you try those over the Rabbit Mags.