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AJ, I hope you don’t mind but I’m going to add my thoughts on my bulldog to this post, just so it’s all consolidated.

It came yesterday while I was asleep, so I didn’t get to it til this morning.. First impressions, Wow those Noslers are big! I mean yeah, I have a 9mm and a .357 powder burners, but that 145gr piece of lead is impressive to look at when you know it’s for an air rifle.. Now onto the rifle, I always wondered why Crosman decided on this futuristic look, I didn’t like it.. but in person this rifle looks so much better, it’s lines aren’t as sharp as they look in photos is as best as I can explain it. it shoulders well and doesn’t feel like the 11lbs it weighed. I bought the Real Tree pattern version and the finish is a nice matte and looks really good. The pistol grip surprised me the most, its super comfortable. Also, from what I can tell, the trigger is nice, from the one dry fire I did to see how loud it was. Not backyard friendly, my neighbors are pretty cool about me shooting out back, but out of respect for them, I wouldn’t practice in my yard.

A few of the negatives for me. I ordered the combo pack, the bi-pod it came with is very cheap. I compared it to my Harris and it’s a much lighter and poorly constructed clone. it’ll probably end up on my marauder and I’ll move my Harris back and forth from my Bobcat to the Bulldog as needed. although I don’t see the need for the bipod on the bulldog really. 

Next the safety blade is made of plastic, ugh!! there is this nice anodized metal trigger blade and then the safety is a straight piece of plastic that feels pretty flimsy.  it’s similar to a marauder safety being front of the trigger, although it slides front to back rather than being on a hinge.

The scope that was packaged seems nice, the reticle is fine and glass is clear. I’m not sure it’s the scope that was supposed to be in there tho, it came with batteries for an illuminated reticle, but I can’t seem to find a spot for them to go and there isn’t an obvious “power” knob for selecting red or green illumination. not a huge deal for me, I may call Customer Service just to ask if there was a substitution made for any reason.

Thats all for now, once I get some trigger time I’ll report back with my experiences.