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 Sounds right to me. A few years ago I sold an FT rig, rifle & scope and the owner didn’t want me to remove to scope – which I insisted on doing- as all the ramges were marked …..  and he didn’t want to loose them. I told him it would likely only be off 1 – 3 clicks and he mearly needed to re-zero at 27 and all the ranges would be spot on, he was happy.  
 Just using some $18.00 UTG quick release rings on the HM1000x with Aeon 10-40×56 and it seems to stay within 3 clicks when removing/remounting.
Congrats on the new rifle!
Trigger “fixed” yet?
Jeff ( who lives North of Nashville) posted this on torsion spring removal – the first 100 marauder with “Match” triggers did NOT have this extra spring-