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“Coldking”I to agree, Paul – 
standards must be set or in place. In order to maintain integrity of the  Sport.also there should be one standard plug approved by the sanctioning board. 
This  venue ( forum) is in good clean fun  🙂 but with any sanctioned event, lots of time effort and long drives can be involved.
and I for one take my shooting very seriously. 
I do believe this is why an attempt at electronic scoring was made, “the Orion” – but it isn’t without controversy as well. Because any device can be programmed for an outcome -also a machine Cannot replace a couple of sets of human eyes —
But a display of all the cards after a match should also be in the mix i.e. An inspection – and then a protest  period. I’ve heard of one big event that doesn’t allow this -and also charges for the protest? And all scoring is done away from the public eye,and basically you have to take their word for the outcomes?i think the governing body needs to address some of these issues—
I do believe that eyes on target is the best means of scoring,and to have two people look at the cards is probably the best possible way to go at it. 

1.  Electronic scoring is nice for large events run by big clubs with money, like a national match.  So far, my experience here in Florida is small matches, and it’s not worth the effort.  Hand scoring is just as accurate.  I’ve done it for years in bullseye shooting and it’s second nature to me.  Once the MD makes the final decision, no more discussion should be allowed.  This works.
2.  Protests?  Sure, a shooter can protest his score.  Charging a fee for a protest is always done, even if it’s a buck or 5.  Keeps the game honest and the riff-raff out.
3.  I travel maybe up to 200 miles to matches if they are well run.  My usual travels are up to Yulee (200 miles) to the North Florida Shooters or Arcadia to shoot FT and BR at the DeSoto airgunners (100 miles).  I find that competition is more fun than shooting by yourself.  I would even travel further and take my motorhome and make it a mini vacaction if it’s a good match.