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The shot count is one of the reasons I wanted a .177. I have a Marauder with a hammer forged barrel in .22 that loves 18 grain JSB’s, so I have an abundance of ammo for the .22 barrel on the Impact. It is just a pain to have to tune my Marauder for different powers. That’s why I’m getting an Impact. I love the idea of bringing one kit with me and being able to shoot pest birds in a hangar and then 20 minutes later smack some large pests at 100 yards. I just figured a 12 foot pound .177 would be perfect for my indoor pest control because the trajectory is flatter than a .22. If I can’t get a .177, then I’ll be fine with the .22. I’m sure I’ll end up getting all of the barrels eventually. .177 if they come out with it in the U.S. for indoor birds, .22 for my backyard squirrel extermination, .25 for my long range shots, and .30 just because I’m a sadistic SOB 🙂