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“boss71”I got my impact prob around the first of January. I’ve been a long time Airgun hunter since prob late 80’s starting with an RWS model 45. Now that I’m older and make a little more money I have the FX Boss, wildcat and Daystate Wolverine & now the Impact. All in .30 cal. 
 The Boss in .30 is hands down the most accurate rifle I’ve ever owned. It gives complete confidence. Just get crosshairs on target and you know it will connect. I’ve been shooting the impact as much as possible and with moderator in or out I’ve not seen any difference in the point of impact. I figured on some flaws being first production year but have found none yet. Just another great gun from FX. 
 I’d say if I get a good scope like the Hawks I have on my other PCP guns it will be just as good as any of the others and because of the weight and compact design it will be my go to gun if I can keep my son from getting to it first !

Would really like to know your thoughts on the Impact vs the boss in .30cal. I have a wildcat in .25 cal and looking to add a .30 cal to the mix.  Any help will be much appreciated.