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Strangely, sometimes cleaning the barrel may lead to an opposite reaction.  Johan from FX says that cleaning the barrel can lead to small POI shift for the first 100+ shots and get the barrel out to 800+ pellets.  This is my first FX air gun so of course I will go by his recommendation.  Now here’s the strange thing Johan mentioned. Try releasing the screws in the picture (below) then tighten them. I had my gun on my lap when I did this.  Now, I found that recommendation sorta odd.  But again, this is my first FX air gun….  After loosening the screws, I gave it a slight wiggle to confirm it was loose around the air tube. NOTE: DO NOT COCK THE GUN WHILE THESE BOLTS ARE LOOSE.   Then re-tightened the screw (evenly) and torqued it down equally.  Soon after this my POI shift disappeared.  Scratching my head, I asked myself, “WTHek just happened?” But it worked!  Give it try!  You’re not tearing your gun apart.  Just loosening bolts and re-tighten. BTW I clean and lube my pellets and haven’t cleaned my barrel since 8 tins ago. Hope this will help.