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:-).  Hear you on the airgun manufacturers reading NASA technical journals.  But totally agree that mass production (which goes hand-in-hand with finding a non-kiln curing process in my opinion) holds great promise.  I see the massive use of CF in the auto industry as another force to encourage this development.

We’re getting way off topic but it’s a fascinating discussion.  Thanks.  

Have you looked at any of the Russian videos on YouTube of semi-auto designs?  Some of them look quite interesting, though most of the ones I’ve watched seem to be operating within the Russian 3J limitation.  The language barrier makes it impossible for me to discern details.  I would think it would be a bit more challenging to make a 30 ft-lb semi.

I think you’re right about Kalibrgun wanting to put the Colibri behind them, but evidently they got a lot of positive feedback at SHOT this year and are not discounting bringing it back.  But they made it clear that the semi they’re bringing to IWA is not the Colibri.