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“sharroff”Why would you need to add a regulator to a gun that does the below for 10 shot strings? (My Wolverine B 177)



10 shot strings are one thing, 50, 60, 70+ shot strings are another altogether. A lot of us, especially those that punch a lot of paper, don’t want to have to try to shoot just within a 10 shot “sweet spot” before filling again to get the best long range consistency. Can you show us a string for the max number of shots your gun will produce? .177 should produce quite a few shots.

I just checked the shot string listed on AOA’s site for the Wolverine B Hi Lite and the .22 looks like it has the predictable bell curve to the shot string of an unregulated gun. It looks to be less of a bell curve than average, due to the Harper sling working, but a bell curve non the less. I would be interested to see results of someone regulating this gun.