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As a very poor otaku myself, I understand the feel. That’s why I’d be buying it after a year’s worth of saving. There are a few other things I’ll be purchasing before even saving for this. A better gaming computer, some camping gear, and some projects like building a pod bed. But after that my main focus will be doing some hunting and playing with these air rifles. Thanks for your advice, it’s helpful. And I won’t lie, it is comforting I’m not the only Otaku on here who is into airguns. Cool to know.

Ha ha welcome to the forum Arsenul! It is true that I am a otaku and it is reassuring to know there is another member here. I took up air gunning to quell my addiction to computer games. So far it has done that and I feel much more outgoing. Instead of spending my day in a chair eating twinkies I go out into the wilderness where I can be “one” with nature. Now I didn’t quit games but it is moderated much better. I also work out every day in my college P.E. class so I can be physically fit to carry a FX Boss around. Overall, I have gained much by joining this sport and I implore you to join too! :D. Change your profile pic and make yourself known as there is now two otakus on AGN :)!!! Although, I don’t really voice it apart from my profile picture. 

As for your first PCP, I do not suggest you to get a springer as I am hoping you to fully dive yourself into the sport. Springers require the artillery hold to be accurate and the majority of your groupings will be due to your holds, PCPs not so much which is why I suggest saving for a PCP. i actually bought a springer but sold it shortly after I tried a PCP. I do see the benefits of getting a bow but I do not suggest it, as Arrows (carbon fiber) are “VERY” expensive at 5 $ for a medium quality arrow and another 2.50$ for broadheads. I did bowhunting before coming to this sport and have to say having accuracy with a bow is much more difficult than having accuracy with a pcp. Just imagine missing your targetting, having your arrow fly right over a deer/target into the forest and losing 5$ instantly. Arrows float on top of water too but entangles into the weeds and lilypads of lakes. By the time you find your arrow in the lake, the broadhead or fieldtips/fieldpoints will have rusted :D. Bows are also really easy to dryfire. I have done it twice :D as sometimes you just pull back thinking you have a arrow loaded when you don’t. Once you dryfire a bow, poof! 300$+ bow gone!

You should save up for a 1000$+ pcp or one of the airforces guns in at least .25. Cheaper guns like my old hatsan long qe in .25 were super loud(even louder than my FX Boss!). You will not be dissatisfied with FX guns or any gun in the 1000$ range. I actually think that even if you were to have issues with leaks or something out of the factory, It will be well worth the trouble for shooting the gun. Im not saying this will happen, but there is always a chance of having a faulty gun(very rare). Some brands I can recommend to you is

Another super important thing I would do if i was in your boat, is buy a used gun from the classifieds section. These are guns that have already been put through the test and will have info on how they shoot and any cosmetic blemishes it may have. Every gun is somewhat different. Some may shoot better groups than others or have a POI change as the pressure decreases. So the seller will have already listed its capabilities. This is sometimes better than buying a brand new gun. The pricing is insane, you can probably find people selling guns for 25-50% off on the classifieds. I have to say…ALL of my old PCPs were used guns :D. My FX Boss that I currently own is actually a used gun and it looks brand new despite having two owners before hand. So definitely scan the classified section daily to get the best deals. 

List of things you’ll need for your new PCP:

  • Scope (I am actually selling a UTG 4-16 30mm scope on the classifieds, it was my first scope)
  • Scope Rings to mount the scope on your gun
  • Pellets (do research on which pellets are the best for the gun and try them out, every gun is different!)
  • Handpump (I prefer the hillpump as the UK manufacturing quality is very top notch. cheaper handpumps work too!)
  • adapter to fill your gun depending on the way the gun fills

Optional Things that Helped

  • Rangefinder
  • Extra magazines for the gun
  • Bipod (depending on the gun, you may need to install pica rails or atlas rails)
  • practice targets (you can’t just go shooting up random stuff, gotta get a target to zero properly)
  • Later on as I have not gotten to this step myself you should get a carbon fiber tank to fill your gun

Granted I just came up with this off the top of my head so don’t take this seriously. Anyways, welcome to the forum!