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I work hard to keep our lawn looking nice and well groomed in the summer.  I had a bit of a problem with the local dogs all deciding to use a spot in my lawn for their droppings.  Seems they run right over and sniff for the other dogs then do their nasty stinky deeds. I tried just running over it with my mower and next time I go to get my mower out of the barn it smelled so bad I gagged.  I tried picking it up with a shovel and that gagged me as well.   A BB gun and asking the neighbors who “I saw” their dogs do it, and ask them to come pick it up solved my problem.  Last summer they learned and went way out around our lawn when passing by.  No such thing as a dumb dog.  Smile.  Some folks say the rain will wash it away.  Not when you have two or 3 coming almost every day.  Oh, And all my neighbors still love me.  Brian Smith