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Itd probably need to be light so a heavy fx boss would be out of the question. If you want maximum self sustaining then id suggest the fx indy too but also take a look at the fx impact with multiple caliber options and finally a fx wildcat in .25 or .22. Then finally get a handpump with extra o rings. This would get your through the disaster situation. Stock up on ammo, cleaning supplies, and orings for the gun too and youll be shooting till the end of time heheheh. Although id suggest to put your handpump and orings in a closet as pumping is definently not fun. Get a cf tank for the civilian lifestyle until stuff hits the fan. Only then will you need the handpump. Id suggest a .30 if your taking down deer size targets(headshots only). So wildcat .25/.22, impact .25/.30, and fx indy. I do not suggest you get a hatsan as mine in .25 was decently loud or a maurader. With the guns i have bought i have learned that only money and modifications will get you a quiet gun :(. oh and .30 is not necessarily the go to gun for survival situations because ammo is currently pretty expensive at 11-12 cents a pop! .25 and .22 caliber is much cheaper. this is mainly the reason why i havent stockpiled .30 cal pellets in my closet :(…im poor.