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It doesn’t bother me a bit to read the pros and cons of experiences folks here have had with various brands, dealers, etc. It is quite helpful actually.  I just wanted to state my experience with a couple brands and dealers.  I also agree that when buying one sure would expect to witness the salesperson’s best side.

However, my experience with AoA is a bit more than just buying something. I bought 4 rifles in about 30 days.  The 3rd one was an Air Wolf Extreme. I didn’t like it as soon as I opened the box….too long and heavy.  I called AoA within hours. They told me to return the rifle which I did the next day for a Wolverine B Hi-Lite.  To be frank, no matter who I would have been dealing with I would have expected this same amount of service but maybe having to pay a “restocking fee”. I didn’t have to pay restocking. I didn’t mind paying return shipping and then shipping on the Wolverine, after all it was  my decision to “browse” by phone and mail. 

Finally, what I’ve read here and other places about problems some have with rifles is unfortunate. I know I’m just the next purchase (or maybe a few more hundred shots) from a less than stellar experience myself. 

I haven’t had it happen yet but what will cause me to run from a dealer quicker than anything is lack of communication.  If I call, leave voice mails, or send e-mails and they are not returned….I’ll look elsewhere. Of course in this airgun market choices of dealers is more limited than almost anything else I buy.