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“AZBOBCAT”For ultimate accuracy top airgunsmiths will slug the barrel to check for tight or loose spots as well as choke or remove choke as needed. They will Han lapand polish the bore smoothing out any microscopic scratches or burs that would put drag on the pellet. Many also go through and make sure barrel is true to the action and the probe. Check out what AZ does to airguns that he tunes it is very in depth.

Is AZ the name of a gunsmith or a member here? I’d like to check it out. 

In a slightly better world than this one, that sort of thing would have already been done for us when we spend $1500+ on an air gun but unfortunately, we’re lucky if it doesn’t arrive with potatoes growing in the barrel. 

Please forgive me if this is a stupid question but is polishing the barrel something you can do at home and what equipment is used for an air rifle barrel?

I’m curious to know if this is part of the “tuning” people pay for. That word always sounds so vague to me and the way people talk about it, it sounded like they were paying for someone to turn the hammer spring adjuster until it output 950fps. The process you described sounds much more in-depth and worthy of the time and money (if that’s what it means). 

Have you ever used that service for one of your guns and if so, what sort of improvement did you see?