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Just got back from shooting my 44-10. Weighed up some pellets. Wanted to see if it made any difference at only 20 yards. This is what I ended up with.
Unsorted out of the box. jsb 33.95 gr
Sorted pellets ready


Sorted by wight only.

One thing I did find out is a need a lot more time under the trigger….. : )
My wife wanted to shoot the rifle….so I set her up and got her warmed up….Then asked her if she would like to have a competition… man, against the untrained little woman. This is what she did….

That was 9 shots at 25 yards….first time to shoot an air rifle. She gave me the big whooping…..gezzzz…. I was proud of her. She is a great pistol shot and now air guns.
And I did throw some paint on my Hatson stock. Looks better than stock.

Had a great day….got a good old a$$ whipping….And learned that I need a bunch of trigger time. PS….she whipped me twice….beginners luck…I think not.. : )