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Zebra, you are correct there is alway the chance of the intended target moving at the last minute.  I shoot 18.1 or 15.89 grain JSB’s depending on which rifle i’m talking about at the time, not once have i had a pellet not go clean thru my target (rabbits, ground squirrels, and pigeons).  I know energy transfer has become a big thing in the last 2 years but back in the day .177 for feather and .22 for fur was the standard, and the boys across the pond have to deal with 12 FPE and they have been getting it done even longer than the U.S.  Now that we are sending bigger chunks of lead down field at higher velocities people are leaning toward bigger is better.  To this I must agree as well depending on your prey, anything the size of a raccoon or possum and small can be take with a .22 putting out 25 FPE at the muzzle.  I would consider that responsible hunting, as long as the precepts are followed (aim small, miss small, and know your prey’s kill zones).