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Does that mean that Hatsan uses the same .254″ groove for .25 caliber that LW uses? That would explain why sizing might not be favorable in those barrels. Most .25 caliber are .250 groove or atleast that is standard groove size for the caliber. This makes sizing a .25 pellet head and skirt to .250″ easy. If the groove is larger than the pellet head size, sizing would be of no real benefit. The key is head size. Thus, why people sort for specific head sizes.

Same with many .30 cal barrels. They are anywhere from .303″-.308″ groove. This makes sizing .30 caliber 44gr jsb’s worthless as the heads tend to be under those groove sizes. Hence the Sterne/Perro designed .30 TJ barrel that is .300″ groove and designed fir the 44 jsb. I can size jsb’s to head and skirt and see advantages. As far as I am aware, most if not all other .30 barrels have a groove larger than the head size of the 44 jsb. Again, that makes head sizing impossible and therefore it would be pointless.

I always stress the importance of slugging a barrel because of the above listed coupled with normal manufacturing tolerances.