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It was a friend’s fault I got into airgunning. He wanted a bow of mine, he didn’t have the money to buy it from me. He offered me a Dianna 48 with a Hawke scope included. At first I said no, because I had no interest in shooting a pellet gun, I was very good at archery at the time. He pleaded and begged me for months, Finally I gave in, I did say I wanted to shoot it first. The moment I shot that first pellet I was hooked so bad, I bought one more air gun a month later, a AA S200, and as they say, the rest is history. 

I don’t think I have a problem, I know I have one. I’ve stopped counting how many I have, I just love going out each weekend to shoot my airguns, and have a lot of fun. Sometimes I take a buddy with me, and they are addicted in an instant. Love this game. As they say, admission is the first step to recovery, unfortunately I will never recover, only buy more, so I can have more fun.