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I have both in .177 a r10 in .22 and working on a .25 r10.
accuracy wise both are equally accurate. the r10 is easily upgradable huma reg, larger bottle.
the base R10 reg some have a tendancy when fill to max give low fps shots then the reg functions as normal. the huma reg upgrade which is not a requirement removes that one issue and is more efficient. I added a 280cc bottle and just swapped out the bottle valve and that was it. my hw100, I didn’t have to do much to it at all but I lowered the fps. in .22 I can only speak on the r10 and I have not had the problem with the max fill pressure and low shot fps. I will be upgrading the reg and bottle in that. if you go with a 480cc bottle, you will have to mod the stock for it to fit. Both are easy on the ears with the r10 being a little more quiet.
shot count, my stock r10 was getting 40-45 consistant shots at 20ftlbs after the huma and bottle upgrade 95 shots at 19ftlbs
stock R10 in .22 40-45 shots at 30ftlbs
my hw100 .177 stock 55shots 22ftlbs adjusted 65shots at 19ftlbs.
for the hw100, you can always get a larger tube and use an adapter I have no plans to alter this rifle. both are regulated but I prefer the R10, it’s a bit cheaper in price best bang for the buck in my opinion. when they are set up identically, they perform identical, one being no more accurate than the other.