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The opinions of these two rifles regarding accuracy will vary between shooters. So, I can only attest to my experience and observations. I have never been fortunate enough to test these rifles for accuracy indoors. All my limited shooting is outdoors with accompanying environmental variables (wind, humidity changes, etc.). With that disclaimer out of the way… Here’s my observations on accuracy between the two:

At 50 yards, shooting from a random tin of pellets (i.e. no sorting, cleaning, lubing, etc.) groups with both rifles are very similar. I think if you compare 10 to 20 5-shot groups you may see slightly smaller groups with the Steyr.  And this is straight filling the rifles to full and shooting until they need filled again to continue.  In other words, not only shooting at the “sweet spot.” I’m saying this mainly for the Daystate due to it not being regulated.  You can find the sweet spot and it shoots nice. The downfall to the “sweet spot” is the shot count in this range is low for a bottle gun in my opinion. 

Now, if you weigh, sort, clean, and lube the pellets the Steyr groups are consistently better. To me, there’s a positive difference with both rifles in my grouping with sorted, cleaned, and lubed pellets. Again though, my Steyr will group better with these pellets. 

Both rifles have more than adequate hunting accuracy if that’s mainly your concern.  When hunting I grab the Daystate 80% of the time.  When target shooting I shoot the Steyr 95% of the time.

Hopefully this helps you. If you have more questions let me know.