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To account for the 6.25mm land, 6.34 JSB pellet head, and 6.44mm groove sizes, I went back and measured a US cent with my digital caliper. It’s right on 19.05mm which is the official size. Of course I can press real hard on the caliper and get down to 19.02mm, but the measurement returned to 19.05mm.  I measured with the wider/inside surface of the caliper and the outer/thinner surface. The outer/thinner jaws are trickier to measure, but still came up with the same size in the overwhelming majority of times as I was trying various placements of the penny inside the jaws.

So, I need to go back and re-slug the barrel to confirm if my original measurements were correct. May break out my 50x microscope I used for coin cleaning or get a finer outside (spring joint) caliper.