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They’re both nice I’m sure but I’ve never owned the HW so can’t speak to it or make any real comparisons between the two but I can give a strong endorsement for the R-10. I love mine, effortlessly accurate.

Just for fun I did a google search for both “BSA R10” and “HW100 FSB”. The R-10 returned 5,660,000 results, the HW100 only returned 28,000 results. Based on that I’d have to guess that the R-10 is a far more popular rifle. I didn’t dig into the results so there could be something skewing it that I’m missing, but it was an interesting footnote I thought. Based on what little I’ve seen on the HW, it has never made it onto my radar as a gun that I’d spend the money on to try. It might be a fine rifle but it lacks whatever it is that draws me to a particular gun. That being said I have a HW97kt springer that shoots lights out when it’s not collecting dust because I’m shooting the PCP’s.  🙂

All the best with whatever you choose.