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The sale prices for BSA’s on Amazon are constantly changing. I think it was only a week or two ago that they were going for $758 with free shipping. You’d have to keep checking back every day. BSA doesn’t make an R-10 in .25 yet. They used to make a gun in .25 called the Lonestar and since they’ve stopped making it, it has become a pretty hard gun to find used and you still see them winning competitions on the European bench rest competitions. I almost never see them pop up on the forums for sale.

Regardless, a .22 can be quite accurate at 100 yards. I would say the BSA R-10 in .22 would be more accurate at 100 yards than a .25 AA S510. Take a look at ColdKings video of his Steyr in .22. He is shooting ~1/2 groups at 100 yards with that thing. Granted, it’s a 3k rifle that has probably been tuned, but I’m just using that as an example that .22 can be very accurate at 100 yards. The ballistic coeffecient of a .25 pellet is slightly better so in any kind of breezy situation it will, apples to apples speaking, be slightly more accurate. If you take both a .22 and a .25 and shoot them inside with perfect conditions, accuracy will come down to the shooters ability as the different size pellets would be just as accurate once external factors are removed.

I will say the two things that I do like better about the AA S-510 that I had was that I prefer the looks of the tube gun to the bottle gun and I prefer side lever cocking. Things like that take a back seat to accuracy though. I’m more of a “function over form” kind of person.