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“spysir” First you buy what hopefully is a good barrel. Then you ( someone ) prep it, this has as much to do with it being a truly “good” barrel or average. Some sizes/cal.  of LW are know the be, perhaps not as good as others.  A visual with a good scope, after cleaning, would show a gross defect but couldn’t guarantee it a one hole shooter and as people beginning  to expect even greater accuracy only those who have their barrels correctly prepped including hand lapping will enjoy blaming every miss on themselves .
 And for History the Career rifles had ” Walther ” barrels and were outstanding and still sought out by some. The .177 was the first to ( have a good enough barrel)  and high enough shot count with a reg installed to finish and win a Field Target match. 

  So a quality barrel, several hours of prep and you chances of a golden barrel are much higher =)  .


I have read differing opinions about who made the Career barrels. Usually one person will state they are LW and then someone else will claim they were made in-house but nobody seems to know for sure. What reason do you have to believe they are LW? Shin Sung aren’t the easiest people to ask for info…