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“Rocko”The constant bashing of anything not European, by the same few people, over & over again just never stops.  If the pellet hits the target, whats the difference if its shot from a $1500 gun, an $800 gun or a $400 gun.  Just more European snobbery. 

That’s so true.

It’s odd because there is no need for rivalry on this as any good air gun collection should contain a mix of both old and new world. Who buys just one pcp gun…

I think the Krosa touches a nerve with some people because it uses the same formulae as the gun they just paid twice the price for. They don’t want to hear that it’s just as good. They want to hear that the cheaper Asian import falls to pieces with a brisk sneeze.

The thing that people need to understand is that many of the components that make air guns good or not, can and are bought in from 3rd parties that will sell to anyone. There is one vendor for carbon fiber bottles. lW barrels are cheap. High quality regulators are off the shelf. You don’t need to be Daystate to buy a Minelli stock. We are going to start seeing a lot of air guns with the same componants and it won’t be long before a respected reviewer says “this one is just as good as my Daystate” because they aren’t innovating any more.

Talking of the new world, have you all seen the iluda. It’s Jkhan’s new bullpup and it looks like the UTS-15 bullpup shotgun. Not everyone’s cup of beer but it’s a lot more interesting than some of the clones we’re seeing. I love that futuristic tacticle look with enough rail space for every accessory under the sun.